One of the companions or allies you can recruit in Fallout 76 Wastelanders is Raider Punk. He is a bit hard to find since his location is random. In this guide, we will explain where to find him and how to recruit Raider Punk in Fallout 76 Wastelanders DLC.


How to Recruit Raider Punk

As I said, Raider Punk roams at random locations in Fallout 76 Wastelanders. He can often be found on the South East side of the map. If you side with the raiders at the end of the story he also appears in the raider base. In order to recruit  Raider Punk, you need to be at least level 50 and/or have 5+ Perception, Raider Reputation Cooperative or Luck +8 to complete the dialogue. If you successfully manage to complete his dialogue you can recruit Raider Punk.

Once recruited, he can appear at your camp in Fallout 76 Wastelanders. All allies you recruit appear at your base of operations. You can trigger his questline and earn extra rewards for your troubles.

In addition to Raider Punk, you can also recruit Commander Daguerre and Beckett as your allies. Some of the allies help you get legendary weapons and armor so its always worth the trouble.


If you need more help with the game check out our Fallout 76 Wastelanders Wiki.


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