Recruiting Halsin in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a multi-step process that requires players to navigate through various challenges and make crucial decisions. This guide will walk you through the steps to ensure you successfully recruit Halsin to your party.


Halsin is the First Druid at Emerald Grove, signifying his role as the chief of the community. When you first arrive at the grove, you’ll discover that Halsin has mysteriously disappeared. Successfully bringing him back will lead to a celebration at your camp, after which Halsin decides to accompany you on your journey.

How To Recruit Halsin

To add Halsin to your party, you must first rescue him from the goblin camp. Whether you discover his plight before reaching Emerald Grove or due to events at the grove, saving Halsin is paramount.

  • Inside the Goblin Camp, navigate to the Shattered Sanctum. Bypass Priestess Gut’s throne and take the wooden bridge on the right, leading you to the Worgs Pen door.
  • Here, you’ll find Halsin transformed into a bear. Rescue him from the goblins surrounding his cage.
  • As per Halsin’s request, ensure you defeat all three goblin leaders.
  • Once you’ve handled the goblins, rendezvous with Halsin back at Emerald Grove.

After your successful mission against the goblins and your return to Emerald Grove, Halsin will host a party at your camp with both Druids and Tieflings celebrating. It’s during this festivity that Halsin announces his successor as First Druid and proposes to travel with you. Accepting his proposal is crucial to continue your journey together in Baldur’s Gate 3.


What To Do In Act 2

In Act 2, your adventures take you to the Shadow Cursed Lands:

  • Go into these lands via either the Underdark or the Mountain Pass. Your destination is the Last Light Inn, located on the northeastern side of the map.
  • At the inn, you’ll encounter Jaheira, the Druid in charge. If you had previously saved the Tieflings from Emerald Grove, Mol will vouch for you, allowing Jaheira to grant you entry.
  • Inside, you’ll meet Art Cullagh, who hints at someone named “Thaniel.” Report this to Halsin at your camp.
  • Halsin will inform you of the need for the Battered Lute to restore Art’s memories. This item is with Dr. Malus Thorm at the House of Healing in Reithwin Town. You can either confront the doctor or persuade the nurses to deal with him.
  • With the Battered Lute in hand, return to the Last Light Inn. Halsin will then create a portal to the Shadowfell. Defend this portal from waves of enemies. Once safe, Halsin will emerge with Thaniel, setting the stage for the next phase of your journey.


  1. Finish the prologue and embark on Act 1.
  2. Venture to the Druid Grove and acquaint yourself with the Goblin predicament.
  3. Offer to locate and rescue Halsin. (Ensure Kagha doesn’t complete the ritual.)
  4. Discover Halsin at the Goblin Camp’s Shattered Sanctum.
  5. Liberate Halsin from his bear transformation by creating a diversion and overcoming the surrounding goblins.
  6. Assist Halsin in vanquishing the trio of goblin chieftains.
  7. Escort Halsin back to the Emerald Grove.
  8. Participate in the celebratory event at your camp.
  9. Agree to Halsin’s request to accompany you.
  10. Begin Act 2 by heading to the Moonrise Towers.
  11. Visit the Last Light Inn, located northeast on the map.
  12. Engage in a conversation with Jaheira to uncover the story of Art Cullagh, the boy ensnared in the Shadowfell.
  13. Locate Art Cullagh and gather information about Thaniel.
  14. Relay Art Cullagh’s whereabouts to Halsin.
  15. Retrieve the Battered Lute from Dr. Malus Thorm at the House of Healing.
  16. Bring the Battered Lute to the Last Light Inn and use it to rouse Art Cullagh.
  17. Join Halsin as he visits Art at the inn.
  18. Support Halsin in defending the portal against a horde of adversaries.
  19. Post-battle, engage in a discussion with Halsin.
  20. Reconvene with Halsin at the camp and, through dialogue, secure him as a steadfast companion in your party.

Halsin’s Abilities and Role in the Party

Halsin is not just a regular druid. He can morph into a bear, boasts potent melee attacks and support spells, and can act as a powerful tank for your party, making him a valuable asset in battles. And in case you didn’t know, you can romance Halsin in his human and bear forms.

Recruiting Halsin in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a rewarding experience, adding depth to the storyline and strengthening your party. By following this guide, you’ll be well on your way to securing Halsin as a valuable ally in your journey.