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In the world of Baldur’s Gate 3, every decision you make, every path you choose, and every companion you recruit can drastically alter the course of your epic journey. Among the diverse cast of characters you’ll encounter, one stands out for his arcane prowess and enigmatic charm – Gale, the human wizard.

This guide will lead you through the mystical ruins and treacherous landscapes of the game, straight to Gale’s location, and provide you with the knowledge to recruit him into your party in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Who Is Gale?

Gale is not your ordinary wizard. Once a formidable archmage of Waterdeep, his magical proficiency was stripped away when he dared to seize the divine position of the goddess Mystra and failed. Now, he carries within him the Netherese Orb, a potent magic sealed inside his chest, a curse that he must control to prevent a catastrophe. His resilience and self-confidence, despite the adversities he’s faced, make him a compelling character to have by your side.


Gale Location: Where to Find Gale in Baldur’s Gate 3

Your path to Gale begins shortly after the start of Act 1, following the completion of the “Escape the Nautiloid” quest. As you awaken on a beach, you’ll need to head northwest towards the Overgrown Ruins. Here, you’ll find the Ancient Rune Circle, located adjacent to the colossal Nautiloid shipwreck. As you approach this mystical circle, Gale will emerge from a portal, marking your first encounter with this intriguing wizard.

Gale location on the map of Baldur's Gate 3.

How to Recruit Gale

Upon meeting Gale, you’ll be drawn into a conversation with him. The dialogue choices you make here, particularly about the parasite in your character’s body, won’t affect your chances of recruiting him in BG3. Gale is interested in your quests, and his curiosity is piqued by the shared predicament you both face. At the end of this conversation, you’ll be presented with the option to invite Gale to join your team or send him back to camp. It’s crucial not to refuse his proposal to travel together, as this could hinder your chances of recruiting him later.

If your party was full when you first met Gale, don’t fret. Gale will appear at your camp after you rest, allowing you to recruit him then. His presence in your party will not only bolster your combat capabilities but also add depth to your interactions and conversations, making your journey through Baldur’s Gate 3 all the more immersive and engaging.

Gale Recruitment Video Tutorial

Gale Stats and Abilities

Gale’s role as a wizard makes him an invaluable companion in Baldur’s Gate 3. His gear includes a Staff and Mage Robes, perfect for a wizard of his caliber. His base statistics are as follows:


Gale Starting Equipment and Skills

Gale Starting EquipmentGale Skills
Simple Robe
Simple Boots

That’s all you need to know on how to recruit gale but if you need more help with BG3, our Baldur’s Gate 3 Wiki is always available.