Fangmon is a somehow dragon-like Digimon in the Digimon Survive series. This Digimon will appear in Part 2 for the first time, yet you can befriend him in Part 3. However, to connect with him, you must overcome various bosses, including Dokugumon.


Furthermore, Fangmon is difficult to befriend since it is a fierce and aggressive Digimon. But if you can answer his question correctly, it will eventually trust you. In this quick guide, let’s go through every answer you need to get Fangman on your team in Digimon.

Fangmon Questions/Answers

No Question Answer
1 You sure like to puff out your chest around a weak monster like myself. Strength’s irrelevant.
2 Trying to pick a fight with a peace-lover like me… You humans are so cruel. So let’s call it off.
3 I bet you’ve got some secrets, huh? Go on, tell me one! I dare you! Secrets? I wonder…
4 What do you think decides what’s right or wrong? Reality itself.
5 You may think of those around you as friends, but perhaps you’re actually alone? I wouldn’t mind.
6 Let’s make a deal: Throw the fight and I’ll give you an item! I don’t believe you.
7 Who do you think is worse? The deceiver or the deceived? The deceiver, duh!

That’s everything g you need to know on how to recruit Fangmon. Need more help? See All Invitation Answers, Entitlement Slab.


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