One Lonely Outpost is a farming simulation game developed by Aurorian Studios. In the game, you play as a space farmer who has been sent to a distant planet to start a new life. You are tasked with growing crops, raising animals, and building a thriving community. However, you are not alone, as you have a robot companion named Qwerty to assist you in your daily tasks.


To expand your community, you must recruit new colonists in One Lonely Outpost, who will bring new skills and abilities to your settlement. In this guide, we will go over how to recruit each of the different colonists in One Lonely Outpost and what they unlock.

How to Recruit Aaron

Aaron is one of the first settlers you can recruit in One Lonely Outpost. There are no specific conditions to meet in order to recruit him. Simply advance through each day, and you will receive a message titled “Recruitment and Aaron’s Estimated Time of Arrival.” Within two days, Aaron will reach Seaside Nexus and establish his dwelling. He will offer tool upgrades for sale to assist you on your journey.

Aaron Hernandez

UnlocksOpens the Circuits and Switches Store
OccupationElectrical Engineer
Birthday12th of PreSeason
ResidenceSeaside Nexus
Favourite GiftsCabbage
Liked GiftsVegetables – Carrots, Potatoes

How to Recruit Jim-Bob & Elisha

Jim-Bob and Elisha can’t be recruited sepretley in One Lonely Outpost. You will receive the mission to enlist them a few days after Aaron’s recruitment. In order to recruit Jim-Bob and Elisha, you’ll need to craft 5 Steel Ingots and prepare 1 Winter Root Stew.

To create Steel Ingots, you can process Iron Ore in an Omniforge, while Winter Root Stew requires 1 Potato and 1 Carrot as ingredients. Once recruited, Jim-Bob and Elisha will reside in Seaside Nexus, where Jim-Bob specializes in selling seeds and sprinklers.

Jim Bob

UnlocksOpens the Gardening Store
OccupationMechanical Engineer
Birthday37th of PreSeason
ResidenceSeaside Nexus
Favourite GiftsCrab
Liked GiftsCarrot


UnlocksOpens the Gardening Store
OccupationTomboy Mechanic
Birthday17th of PreSeason
ResidenceSeaside Nexus
Favourite GiftsFish
Liked GiftsGlass

How to Recruit Duyi

After a few days of Jim-Bob and Elisha’s arrival, you will have the opportunity to recruit Duyi. To recruit him, you need to acquire 4 Geology Omnistars and cook 1 Veggie Stew. Geology Omnistars are earned by collecting new rocks and ores, while Veggie Stew requires 1 Potato, 1 Carrot, and 1 Bok Choy as ingredients.

Once Duyi joins your colony, the mine will be unlocked, allowing you to gather additional ore once the surface deposits are depleted. On most days, you can find Duyi near the mine in Inanna Falls.

Duyi Zhaoshu

Birthday16th of PreSeason
ResidenceInanna Falls
Favourite GiftsCrabs
Liked GiftsRocks and Ore

How to Recruit Cuckoo Chuck

Cuckoo Chuck will make his entrance in a cutscene as you continue the story of One Lonely Outpost. Following his recruitment, he will be found at the lower part of Seaside Nexus, undertaking his own activities and often assigning you tasks to complete on his behalf.

Chuck Henderson Aka “Cuckoo Chuck”

UnlocksOpens the Black Market
OccupationBlack Market Dealer
Birthday45th of PreSeason
ResidenceBottom of Seaside Nexus

How to Recruit Linny Argyris

Linny is one of the key characters in One Lonely Outpost. Her recruitment isn’t hard at all; you just need to make sure you speak with her at the Fishing Store. She gives you access to fishing equipment in One Lonely Outpost. Here’s a detailed table of what you need to know about Linny:

Linny Argyris

UnlocksOpens the Fishing Store
Birthday26th of PreSeason
ResidenceInanna Falls

Once you have recruited your colonists in One Lonely Outpost, you’ll need to keep them fed. This requires a lot of different crops and meals.

As you advance in the game, upgrading your tools becomes crucial for an easier life. Aaron offers a selection of tool upgrades in Seaside Nexus.

Exploring the vast world within One Lonely Outpost is great for resource gathering and uncovering new territories. The more resources you have, the faster your colony will thrive.