How to Recruit Albion Operatives in Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion Albion operatives

Sometimes the best operatives you can recruit in Watch Dogs Legion belong to Albion. As you may already know, Albion is the main enemy corporation in Watch Dogs Legion. Your goal as DedSec is to bring down Albion and its associates responsible for Zero-Day bombings in London. To start things off you will have to restart DedSec and recruit new operatives for your Team. You can recruit any NPC in Watch Dogs Legion, each NPC has its own unique recruitments mission. You can also liberate areas to recruit prestige operatives, however, to recruit Albion operatives to your Team you need to do something different.

In this quick guide, we will explain how to recruit Albion operatives to DedSec in Watch Dogs Legion.

Watch Dogs Legion: How to Recruit Albion Operatives to DedSec

To recruit Albion operatives you need an upgrade called “Deep Researcher.” This upgrade is available through the Tech menu in Watch Dogs Legion. You need to spend 10 Tech to get the Deep Researcher upgrade to recruit Albion agents in Watch Dogs Legion.

Albion Agents are mostly high-end operatives that are usually against DedSec. Recruiting an Albion member requires you to perform extensive research on them and find a way to force them into DedSec. Not everyone can be forced though, some will have to see the truth about Abion and Zero-Day to get them on-board with DedSec.

Albion agents are usually found in restricted areas, roaming the streets, or guarding posts and roadblocks. High-end operatives are mostly inside restricted areas. You can add them to your potential recruit list and later complete their recruitment mission. Potential recruits and their missions are available through the Missions tab in the menu.

And that everything you need to know on how to recruit Albion operatives in Watch Dogs Legion.

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