One of the most important elements of the Pokemon Cafe Mix is the friendship level. There are 15+ Pokemon in Cafe Mix and each requires some work to boost level. In this guide, we will explain how to raise the friendship level in Pokemon Cafe Mix.


Pokemon Cafe Mix: Raise Friendship Level

There are a few ways you can boost your friendship level and we will explain all of them.

Method#1: You can solve puzzles and serve food and drinks to the customer. In return, you will earn Friendship Stars and once you hit the required number of stars you will raise your friendship levels with those Pokemon.

Method#2:  Another way to boost and raise your friendship level in Pokemon Cafe Mix is to trigger the Friendship Bonus. When the Friendship bonus is active you can get 3 stars for completing puzzles. If you fail the puzzle you won’t get a bonus.


Method#3: Unlock Plipper Bell by completing Order 49. Once this feature is available you can use it to invite two Pokemon to your cafe as customers. These Pokemon are random but if you don’t like the ones that visit, use Golden Acorns to refresh the roll and try and again.  Once you manage to increase the friendship level in Cafe Mix, the friendship stats go up. Each Pokemon in the game has its own friendship stats.

If you need more help with the game check out the Wiki page. Do read the full list of Pokemon available in Cafe Mix, tips to choose a leader, and Cafe Skills.