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How To Purchase Armor Enchantment Slots In The Witcher 3 (Easy Way)


Even eight years after its initial launch, gamers everywhere still can’t get enough of The Witcher 3. This enduring popularity is due largely to the expansive series of expansion packs released over time and exciting mechanics that keep players invested in the game. For instance, The Heart of Stone expansion pack introduced new Armor Enchantment Slots, which allow for more customization and flexibility in equipping weapon/armor enchantments on different gear slots.

The game’s fascinating new enchantments appeal to players, offering opportunities for skill refinement and mastery of sorcery. Unfortunately, Geralt can only equip a select number of these captivating items at any time – an exciting prospect. To ensure that your desired enchantment is applied correctly, you must check to ensure Enchantment Slots are available. In this guide, I’ll tell you how to purchase Armor Enchantment Slots In The Witcher 3.

How Do Enchantment Slots Work In The Witcher 3

With The Witcher 3, you can unlock a wealth of enchantments to customize your gaming experience fully. However, be sure that to equip any enchantment, you must have an available slot on your gear. Enchantment Slots grant players the capacity to fit Rune Stones, and armor has the capability for Glyphwords – it’s important to remember, though, that these cannot be mixed up and only remain within their designated category.

Best Way To Get Enchantment Slots In The Witcher 3

When you first start, your gear won’t have any enchantment slots available; however, with a little effort and dedication, it is possible to unlock the armor enchantment slots within the game. To acquire your enchantable armor and weapons in the Heart of Stone expansion, head to Upper Mill, where you’ll meet with the Runewright. Unlock him as a mage-craftsman by helping him out, then reap the benefits of having enchantment slots available on your gear.

Furthermore, you will be limited in the number of available enchantment slots on your gear. Don’t believe that with Runewright, there is an indefinite capacity to add enchantment slots. Listed below are the enchantment slots accessible:

  • 3x Slots on your Weapon
  • 3x Slots on your Chest Armor
  • 2x Slots on Trousers
  • 1x Slot on Shoes

Note: If you want additional enchantment slots beyond what the vanilla game offers, then playing mods is your best bet.

How to Unlock Runewright

If you want to gain access to your game’s Enchantment slots, then locating Runewright in Upper Mill is an absolute must. However, to take advantage of his skill and put it into practice for yourself requires reaching a level of 32.

Having advanced to level 32 quickly, make your way toward the Runewright marker, which will take you to him. Upon reaching your destination, provide 5,000 Gold so he can mend his tools. After you complete that task, a new quest to unlock Runewright will be revealed. To continue your journey, obtain a pickaxe. Now find the appropriate Quest Maker to guide you in mining Jade for the Runewright. Once enough is Jade, head back to him so he can begin crafting powerful low-level enchantments.

To access the top-tier Runewright enchantments, upgrade the craftsman shop. The first upgrade costs 10,000 Gold and the second 15,000 Gold, respectively. As you progress in upgrades further, you’ll be able to craft higher-level enchantments for Runes and Glyphs.

Best Armor For Enchantment Slots

Though investing gold into upgrades may not guarantee a better outcome, this is especially true when selecting the best armor for enchanting. Regrettably, any previously applied upgrades will be lost while adding new enchantment slots to your gear. Unless you destroy the current enchantment, the armor added to your enchantment slots will remain unchanged.

If you want to pick the proper armor for enchantment slots, opt strategically and choose an item with a secondary upgrade like Mastercrafted Ursine Armor, set so that your enchantments stay intact if you need to upgrade the slot.

Best Enchantments for Weapons

InvigorationWhen your health is at max, the regeneration effect grants you an extra 50% damage on your next attack.1 x Greater Devana, 1 x Greater Zoria, 1 x Greater Perun
ProlongationEach unblocked blow grants +0.5 potion duration.1 x Greater Morana, 1 x Greater Perun, 1 x Greater Svarog
RejuvenationEach fatal strike grant 25% stamina.1 x Perun, 1 x Svarog, 1 x Stribog
ReplenishmentOne adrenaline point is consumed when you cast a sign, and your next weapon attack will be imbued with the power of that specific sign.1x greater Triglav, 1x greater Morana, 1x greater Dazhbog
SeveranceThis enchantment increases the range of Whirl and Rend by 1.1 and 1.9 yards, respectively.1 x Zoria, 1 x Veles, 1 x Perun

Best Enchantments for Armor

PossessionEnemies killed by Axii transfer the effect to nearby targets, and the duration increases by 2s for each strike the possessed lands.1 x Greater Axii, 1 x Greater Aard, 1 x Greater Binding
Retribution30% chance of reflecting a portion of incoming damage.1 x Greater Quen, 1 x Greater Igni, 1 x Greater Reinforcement
EruptionEnemies killed by fire damage explode and deal damage to nearby targets.1 x Greater Igni, 1 x Greater Quen, 1 x Greater Reinforcement
LevityAll armor sets are treated as Light.1 x Greater Aard, 1 x Greater Mending, 1 x Greater Reinforcement

In The Witcher 3, armor enchantments can be the difference between life and death. But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. With these tips on purchasing enchantment slots, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an even more powerful Witcher. Speaking of becoming a powerful Witcher, here are some guides that will help in that regard:

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