How to Prestige in Dead by Daylight

Dead By Daylight Prestige

Like any other game Dead by Daylight, it has an option that allows you to level up your character. Both survivors and killers can be leveled up through the blood web. After leveling up a lot, you will reach level 50, where you will get the option to prestige. In this guide, there is everything you need to know how to Prestige in Dead By Daylight.

Dead By Daylight: How to Prestige

Prestige unlocks for any of your characters when you reach level 50 with them. Prestige allows you to start all over from level 1 but with a new bloodweb. The game will present you with a new bloodweb that can be insanely better than your previous one or just the same as it was. So the risk is high, but the rewards are too.

On your bloodweb, you might have seen a small circle in the middle of the bloodweb with a skull on it. That is prestige, and it unlocks on level 50. You can activate it if you want to have a chance of getting better items and perks for your character. However, all of the existing perks and items you own on your character will be gone.

You also get a bloodied shirt for your character the first time you prestige it. The next prestige will give you bloodied pants, and the following will provide you with a bloody face. An Icon will be given as a bonus along the way.

Is it worth it or not entirely depends on you. If you are ready to make the grind, then it’s worth it. Those who are very dedicated and put many hours in the game can quickly get back to level 50 again. If you are playing for fun, I would not recommend you going for prestige as you will also have to grind.

This is what you need to know about Prestige in Dead by Daylight.

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