Fire Emblem Engage is an expansive game that tries to do many different things simultaneously. Battles and fighting might have been the focus, but there were numerous side activities and mechanics to engage with. Side activities might not rake in the big rewards, but they can be a lifesaver in tight spots.

Fire Emblem Engage brings back characters from the previous Fire Emblem titles. These characters can be deployed in battles by using Emblem Rings. It is important to maintain a sufficient bond level with the Emblem Rings. The higher the Bond Level between a character and their Emblem Ring, the more stats and abilities you unlock.

How to Polish Emblem Rings in FE Engage

Once you have unlocked the Somniel and the Ring Chamber, you can polish Rings after battles. Choose polish from the Ring Chamber menu and the character you want to use to clean the ring. Do not be discouraged by the meager rewards, as making Emblem Ring polishing a habit can help level up those Bond Levels a lot in the long run. You can tap ‘A’ or move the analog stick around while pressing ‘R.’ Both methods give the same rewards, but the second method is faster.

Benefits of Polishing Emblem Rings

While polishing Emblem Rings does not increase the Bond Level significantly, it is much easier than going into battle to collect Bond Fragments and then using them to increase Bond Level. Even Emblem Training (increases Bond Level) requires Bond Fragments while polishing Emblem Rings only takes a little time.

Emblem Ring Polishing Video Tutorial

That’s all you need to know on how to polish Emblem Rings. If you want to read more about Fire Emblem Engage, here are some guides you might like:

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