Hypercharge is a shooting game that is gaining popularity over time, and it’s better to play with people you know to get the best outcomes. The game has a unique character because y you can customize your character, make defenses, shoot toy guns and face waves of enemies. With so much going on in the game, an extra hand is best to have beside you as a friend. In this guide, we will share all the information you need about How to play with friends in Hypercharge.

How to Play With Friends in Hypercharge

Hypercharge is available to play in both PvP and PvE modes and also you can play as a first-person or third-person shooter. There are two basic methods that you can use to play with friends

  • Playing Online with friends
  • Playing Offline with friends

Playing Online with Friends In Hypercharge

To play online with friends, select Play from the main menu. From the main menu, tap Online and then Host Online. From online hosting, you can select from two modes either Cooperative or Versus mode. While waiting for the game to start you can choose the map where you want to play.

Either play on public or private server in Hypercharge you will have a six character invite code that you can share with your friends or with other players. Invite codes are sent by selecting option Play>Online>Join Friend.

Playing Offline With Friends

In playing multiplayer offline with friends you have the option to play with four friends. The screen is split into four but only player 1 has access to mouse and keyboard controls. Other player requires Xbox Controller handy. Player 1 can add additional gamepads through the Split Screen option.

That’s all you need to know about how to play with friends in Hypercharge. Need to know more visit? Hyper charge tips and tricks.

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