Call of Duty Vanguard is most fun when played with friends in an online environment. You can add friends in Vanguard. All you need is their Activision ID. After you enter the ID of your friend, they will appear in front of you to add them. This is how you can add friends in Vanguard and play with them.

Call of Duty Vanguard: How to Play With Friends

This is how you can add friends in COD Vanguard:

Check the settings named “Social” under your username. The label “Social” has a notification badge on it. In addition, you’ll notice a button for it.

You may enter COD Vanguard online by using the Triangle button on PlayStation, the “Y” button on Xbox consoles. Under this menu, you’ll find the option to Add Activision Friends.

Press the corresponding button to add a friend to your list. Now, just add your friends through the Activision ID and hashtag. To add a buddy, insert their Activision Identity and tag.

You can also share your own Activision ID and hashtag with your friends by looking at it and sending it to your friends.

You can also view your Activision account details in the bottom part of the socials section.
You should also know that you can play CoD Vanguard with your friends across any platform as Vaguards supports cross-play.

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