Nioh 2, similar to its previous version, is a game set in Japan’s Sengoku Era in which you can play from the unique perspective of a supernatural Yokai warrior. You will be facing many strange enemies during the journey you will embark on, for which you might need the support of a fellow warrior or two. For occasions like this, Nioh 2 has the option of coop multiplayer. In this guide, we will tell you how to play Nioh 2 in Coop multiplayer mode.

How to Play Coop Multiplayer

To play co-op multiplayer, you will first need to open the Mission Select screen.  Go to the Starting Point from there on and then choose the Torii Gate. By doing this you will receive two options: Expeditions and Random Encounters. The first option will let you play a mission in the co-op mode. Within the option of an Expedition, you will also have the option of either selecting Quick Match or Custom Match. If you choose Quick Match, then the game will rapidly pair you up with a random player. Selecting a Custom Match will enable you to create your parameters for the co-op. You can also set up a password for this match and get your friend to play with you.

Playing With Friends

If you prefer to have your friends accompanying you in your mission, then you just need to select the Custom Match option and create a password for the session. The next step would be sending your password to your friends and ask them to access Torii Gate too. After doing that, they will get the option to “Search for a Room”. Once the option is chosen all they need to do is enter the password and soon enough you will be able to enjoy the adventures of Nioh 2.

This marks the end of our Nioh 2 coop multiplayer guide. If you need more help with the game check out our Nioh 2 wiki.

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