In gaming, there’s been a notable shift from the era when every single-player game was expected to have a multiplayer mode tacked on. This was often done without much thought, leading to less-than-stellar experiences. However, Atlas Fallen devs seems to have designed the game coop in mind. Deck13 has developed a co-op mode in Atlas Fallen that not only meets but exceeds expectations, offering a seamless and enjoyable multiplayer experience.


How to Play Co-Op in Atlas Fallen

Starting a co-op session in Atlas Fallen is straightforward. Players can either choose the co-op option from the main menu or activate it from within the game. This flexibility is enhanced by the game’s drop-in/drop-out style, allowing players to join or leave without causing disruptions. However, it’s worth noting that “Atlas Fallen” doesn’t support local or ‘couch’ co-op. The online multiplayer experience is designed to be hassle-free, enabling players to join a friend’s game or invite a friend to theirs whenever they wish.

Once in a co-op session, players can go into “Atlas Fallen” together. They can explore, advance the storyline, or even undertake different tasks simultaneously. This means while one player is engaged in a conversation with an NPC, the other can be shopping for items or watching cutscenes. Impressively, the game’s cutscenes acknowledge the presence of the second player, adding an extra layer of immersion that’s rare in online multiplayer games.

The Advantages of Co-Op

Atlas Fallen is a tough game; even on standard difficulty, enemies can be really powerful. However, co-op mode introduces a dynamic that, while not doubling the players’ strength, certainly provides an advantage. This is especially evident when dealing with the game’s Momentum Gauge, a feature that rewards aggressive play with increased damage output but also makes the player more vulnerable.


In co-op, players can strategize around the Momentum Gauge. One player might opt for a high-risk, high-reward approach, drawing the enemy’s attention, while the other adopts a more defensive stance. Alternatively, both players can maximize their Momentum Gauge, effectively halving the risk since enemies now have two targets to contend with.

Furthermore, Atlas Fallen boasts a wide array of Essence Stone combinations, allowing each player to adopt distinct strategic roles. The variety of weapon types further diversifies gameplay, ensuring that co-op partners feel unique in their combat approach. This diversity ensures that players never feel like mere replicas of each other but rather as individual warriors with their own distinct combat styles, which shine even brighter in co-op mode.