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How to Play as Julianna in Deathloop


There are two main characters in Deathloop that you can play as. These are Cold and Julianna, and the default character is Colt. You can play as Julianna but it is through an ability that you can unlock later in the game. This guide will go through everything there is to cover about playing as Julianna in Deathloop.

Deathloop: How to Unlock Julianna

To unlock Julianna, you need to progress a bit in the game with Colt. The first quests of the game are fairly simple and easy. Then, you will come across a mission called “The Longest Day”. This is the mission that you need to complete to unlock Julianna.

After you have completed the mission “The Longest Day”, go to the main menu. From the main menu, you need to select Protect the Loop, and then click “Invade Random Timeline”. This will queue you against a random player, or you can invade your friend’s timeline to mess around.

Now, both you and your friend should have done mission “The Longest Day”. You should keep in mind that one player can play as Colt. Whoever is playing Colt, they need to have visionary targets at certain times of a day. These are the specific times for all the maps:

  • Morning in Karl’s Bay
  • Morning in Fristad Rock
  • Noon in Updaam
  • Noon in Fristad Rock
  • Afternoon in The Complex
  • Evening in The Complex
  • Evening in Updaam

The player playing as Colt can also fast forward time to any time of the day, so just focus on the above time stamps and skip to them. So, after you have met all the criteria, you will unlock Julianna and can play as her with your friends in Deathloop.

And that’s all you need to know about how to play as Julianna in Deathloop. Need more help? See How to Avoid Poison Gas, Change Time of Day, Space Invader Walkthrough.

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