Valheim has a big open world and when you settle down somewhere you need to make sure you have enough food and resources to survive and thrive. Food is one of the challenging aspects of the game. You need to hunt for meat and plant seeds to harvest crops for food. In this quick guide, I will explain how to plant seeds in Valheim and harvest crops for food.


Updated on 19 July, 2023: Valheim recently released on consoles and Xbox Game Pass. Millions of new Vikings are now entering the different worlds of Valheim. Farming and Planting seeds is a key part of gameplay progression so we updated our “How to Plant Seeds in Valheim” guide to bring more clarity to the topic by discussing the process but also sharing common mistakes players make while planting seeds in Valheim.

What You Need to Know Before Planting Seeds in Valheim

Farming in Valheim is more than just a pastime; it’s a necessity. It provides you with a steady supply of food and resources, ensuring your survival in the harsh Viking wilderness. Before you start planting, it’s important to know the types of seeds available in Valheim. From carrot seeds to tree saplings, each seed type has its unique requirements and benefits.

How to Plant Seeds in Valheim

Planting seeds in Valheim is a straightforward process, but it requires careful planning. First, you need to prepare the ground using a cultivator. Then, select the seed you want to plant from your inventory and click on the cultivated soil. Remember to leave enough space between each seed to allow for growth.

Pro Tip: Watering your plants isn’t necessary in Valheim, but ensuring they have enough space and light is crucial for their growth.

How to Grow Food in Valheim

Growing food in Valheim is a rewarding process. Start with easy crops like carrots and turnips, which provide essential nutrients for your Viking. To grow food, plant the appropriate seeds and wait for them to mature. The growth process can take several in-game days, but the result is a replenishable food source. The best food in Valheim comes from your farm, so take the time to cultivate a variety of crops.

How to Grow Trees in Valheim

Growing trees in Valheim is similar to growing food. You need to plant saplings, which will eventually grow into trees. Trees are an essential resource in Valheim, providing wood for building and crafting. Different trees, like the Birch and Oak, yield different types of wood, each with its unique uses.

Common Mistakes When Planting Seeds in Valheim

One common mistake in Valheim planting is overcrowding your crops. Plants need space to grow, and overcrowding can stunt their growth. Another common pitfall is neglecting your farm. Crops can rot if left unharvested, so make sure to collect your produce as soon as it’s ready.

You get the core wood from birch and pine trees in the Black Forest or the Meadows. Use the cultivator to cultivate the ground and use the seed to build the food. You can later use the crafted food to make better quality foods.

And that’s how to plant seeds and harvest crops in the game. Also check out Valheim crafting recipes, workbench crafting, and pickaxe crafting guide.