How to Pick Off a Runner in MLB The Show 21

How to Pickoff a Runner in MLB 2021

MLB The Show 21 provides a real-time experience for its users to feel the hitting. Pickoff is a crucial feature in MLB, where you perform to pick off a runner before he reaches his targeted base. The pickoff makes it easy to knock out a runner. The pickup needs to be performed flawlessly in MLB. This guide will show you just how you can pick off a runner in MLB The Show 21.

Pick Off a Runner in MLB The Show 21

Picking off a runner is quite easy. The timing just needs to be perfect in the execution of this action. This is how you can pick off a runner in MLB The Show 21:

  • First of all, you need to carefully watch and observe the video screen on the top left of the screen. On this screen, you can find the baserunner who will steal the next base.
  • Now, to attempt the pickup on a runner, you will have to press the associated button on your console; ‘L2’ on PlayStation, and ‘LT’ on Xbox. Pressing these buttons will direct your screen towards the runner, which means you will see the runner, where he is right now, and which base will he be stealing next.
  • The next thing to do is select the base, where you need to throw and the pitcher there will pick off the runner before he steals the base.
  • The runner is declared out when the pickoff attempt is successful.

Successfully performing a pickoff attempt will reward you with a Dugout Walk achievement trophy. Although, you should keep in mind that it is important to get the timing right by keeping an eye on the top left of your screen and quickly decide where to throw and pick off the runner effectively.

This was everything we had on how to pick off a runner in MLB The Show 21. Feel free to check out our detailed MLB The Show 21 wiki guides for more help on the game.

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