How to Outrun Bees in Psychonauts 2

How to Outrun Bees in Psychonauts 2

Outrunning Bees in Psychonauts 2 is a complex and difficult task. You will have to take control of Astralathe, which is the source of all these bees. Players will need to locate the source of bees to eliminate the source to stop bees. This guide tells all about doing so.

Psychonauts 2: How to Outrun Bees

To stop the bees, you need to follow the honey trail into the Astralathe room. When you are entering Astralathe, you should use the left door to do so. You can observe the honey stains in this room, which are clear indications that you are at the right place.

Now, just follow the honey trail and you will come across more honey with beehives around the honey. You might also see a smoker, who takes care of the hives and honey.

As usual, this is done through telekinesis. After doing this you will encounter bees and this time you will not be dragged to the very start of the road.

After you have dealt with the smoker, you will have to follow the trail to the top, where you will see the entry point to a hive. You shall meet Cassie after entering this hive and a small cutscene is played.

Players might notice that the bees don’t just abandon Cassie to let her help us. It has now become necessary to locate the origin and eliminate all bees. You can do this by entering into Cassie’s mint, and overcome the bees.

This is everything that we have on how to outrun bees in Psychonauts 2. Need more help? See Questionable Area Supply Chests and Keys Locations, Truheltia Memonstria Boss Fight.

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