The Slums is one of the first areas you’ll explore in Stray, and it’s also home to the game’s first safe. This guide will show you how to open the Slums safe so that you can get your hands on its valuable contents.

To open the Slums safe, you’ll need to find the password. The password is hidden in a nearby room on paper taped to the wall. Once you’ve found the password, head back to the safe and enter it to unlock it.

How to Open The Slums Safe

Inside the safe, you’ll find some valuable items, including an upgrade for your cat backpack. Be sure to grab everything before you leave, as you won’t be able to come back for it later.

With the Slums safe now open, you can continue exploring the area and uncovering all of its secrets. Be sure to keep an eye out for more safes, as they all contain valuable items that will help you on your journey.

Finding Slums Safe

Follow the below-mentioned steps to find the Slums Safe in Stray.

  • To reach the slums, you must first complete Chapter 3.
  • Speak with Guardian. Only the guardian knows where the safe place is.
  • Get Sheet Music from the local guitar player and locate the hallow alley on your left.
  • The safe is waiting inside for you.

Opening Slums Safe

Follow the below-mentioned steps to open the Slums Safe in Stray.

  • Head towards the local pub and follow the neon red sign to find a watering hole.
  • To find the code to the alley safe, you need to reach the sign/picture.
  • Talk to a cat so she can hit the picture, and you can see the code behind the picture.
  • The code of the safe is “1283”.
  • Now you get the code so go back to Morusque to open the safe.

That’s everything you need to know on how to open the slums safe. Need more help? See How to Find a Worker Jacket and Helmet, Chapter 1 Walkthrough, Chapter 3 Walkthrough, Chapter 4 Walkthrough.

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