How To Open The Gate In The Sheriff’s Building In Borderlands 3 Bounty Of Blood

Borderlands 3 Sheriff's Building Gate

In the Sherrif’s Building, players will find a room that they can’t access as the gate is closed. This room has Good Prospects chest in it. While it isn’t a collectible, it’s a reward for collecting all the collectibles in Borderlands 3 Bounty Of Blood. Here we will help players with how they can open the gate in Sheriff’s Building In Borderlands 3.

How To Open The Gate In Sheriff’s Building

As I mentioned above that the Good Prospects chest in this room is a reward for collecting all collectibles. Even if you haven’t found all the collectibles, you can still access the room in the Sheriff’s Building.

Players don’t actually have to open the gate, instead, they have to gain access to the room in another way. Here is how you can access the locked room.

Players have to go to the Saloon next door and interact with the bookcase next to the bar. However, the bookcase is locked if you haven’t completed the main story of Bounty of BLood DLC.

Complete it and then interact with the bookcase and it’ll open. Through the broken wall, players can now access the locked room in the Sheriff’s Building. However, to open the Good Prospects chest itself, players much complete the challenges.

That is all for our Borderlands 3 Bounty Of Blood Guide on how to open the locked gate in the Sheriff’s Building. For more on the game also see our How To Open Vestige Bank Vault and How to Get Robin’s Call Shotgun.

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