How to Open Secured Doors in Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion unlock doors

If you are playing Watch Dogs Legion you know how annoying those secured doors can be. Secured doors are locked via an electronic pad and such doors are spread across the entire map of Watch Dogs Legion. In this quick guide, we will explain how to unlock secured/locked doors in Watch Dogs Legion.

How to Unlock Secured Doors in Watch Dogs Legion

Secured doors are found inside restricted areas of the game. You can look at the mini-map and if you see your character arrow inside a red zone, it means you’re inside a restricted area. You can also open the world map to confirm if you are inside a restricted area or not. Such areas and locked doors are usually part of the main story missions of Watch Dogs Legion.

There are two ways to unlock secured doors un Watch Dogs Legion. The first method is to find a nearby terminal and physically interact with it to unlock the door. One example of a terminal interaction can find in the opening mission of Watch Dogs Legion. You don’t have to interact with the terminal personally, feel free to use your spiderbot. You can actually unlock and open secured doors in Watch Dogs Legion is to damage the terminal by shooting it or through the arm trap as well.

The second method to open doors in Watch Dogs Legion is by finding a key and downloading its data. An example of downloading keys can be found in the same opening mission we linked above. You can download keys from a distance through cameras or spiderbot. Hackers have the ability to download keys from a longer distance, something to keep in mind.

And that’s all you need to know to unlock secured doors in Watch Dogs Legion.

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