One of the unlockables added to Hades with v.1.0 is the secret stash that can be opened to acquire different types of items. Unlocking these secret stashes, however, requires a bit of work and isn’t something you’ll be able to do from the onset of the game. In this guide, we’ll explain what the secret stashes are and how to unlock them to get the loot inside.


Hades Secret Stashes

As you progress in the game and receive different companions or keepsakes from NPCs by giving them jars of Nectar, you’ll unlock a Keepsakes Cabinet.

Keepsakes Cabinet is located in Skelly’s room and can be accessed. If you interact or access the Cabinet, it’ll show all of the Keepsakes you’ve unlocked.

Along with the unlocked Keepsakes, you’ll notice six golden slots with locked heart shape. These golden slots are the secret stashes reserved for Legendary Companions.

How to Unlock Stashes

You can unlock these Legendary Keepsakes by progressing your relationship with the main romance-able characters in the game.

You’ll have to increase your affinity with the character you’re romancing by gifting them with Nectar and doing personal quests for them.

1. Obtain Your First Keepsake

  • To start, you’ll need to obtain your first Keepsake by giving a jar of Nectar to any NPC in the game.

2. Access Skelly’s Room

  • After obtaining your first Keepsake, go to Skelly’s room where you’ll find the Keepsakes cabinet.

3. Strengthen Relationships

  • To unlock Secret Stashes, you need to focus on specific characters:
    • Megaera
    • Thanatos
    • Skelly
    • Dusa
    • Achilles
    • Sisyphus

4. Gift Nectar and Complete Quests

  • Gift these characters with Nectar and complete personal quests for them to increase your affinity.

5. Use Ambrosia

  • You can further strengthen these relationships by using Ambrosia, a rarer currency primarily obtained through bounties.

6. Check the Keepsakes Cabinet

  • Once you’ve completed the quests and strengthened your relationships, go back to Skelly’s room and check the Keepsakes cabinet. Your new Secret Stash should now be unlocked.

Benefits of Unlocking Secret Stashes

  • Legendary Keepsakes: These special items grant you unique abilities and can be a game-changer in your runs.
  • Enhanced Gameplay: Unlocking these stashes adds another layer of depth to the game, making each run more interesting.

You can also upgrade the Keepsake you’ve unlocked using Ambrosia, but Ambrosia is a rare currency – as rare as the Titan Blood – so we suggest to spend it wisely!

This is everything we’ve got in how to unlock secret stashes in Hades. For more help on the game, you can check out our detailed Hades wiki guides.