High on Life has various Luglox Chests that you can open for a bunch of good stuff that can help you make a strong character. These are scattered all across the game and we highly recommend opening as many as possible. The problem is that doing so requires a bit of work. In this High on Life guide, we have detailed all there is to learn about opening Luglox Chests.

While progressing through High on Life, you will come across a bunch of purple-colored Luglox Chests. You can open these Luglox Chests to get money, collectibles, upgrades, items, etc. However, opening these Luglox Chests is not as simple as hitting the ‘Interact’ button.

Luglox Chests can only be opened with Knifey. It is a Melee Weapon that can drop from a Bounty Target, 9-Torg. You will easily be able to claim 9-Torg bounty fairly early in High on Life. Once you are done, all that you need to do is to walk to a Luglox Chest and whack away at it with Knifey. It will split the Luglox Chest in half, allowing you to grab the loot inside.

As mentioned earlier, you can expect to get a variety of different items from these Luglox Chests e.g., money, upgrades, etc. And so these are pretty nice if you want to make a stronger character.

This is how you can open Luglox Chests in High on Life. For more tips and strategies, be sure to see our detailed High on Life wiki page.

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