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How to Get Refined Eitr in Valheim (Easy Way)


Are you looking to wield powerful magical abilities in Valheim? Refined Eitr is an essential resource for creating magical weapons and armor that grants impressive stat boosts. This guide will walk you through each step of obtaining Refined Eitr in the Valheim Mistlands update, including finding Sap, building an Eitr Refinery, crafting Eitr weapons at a Galdr Table, and consuming Eitr-enhancing foods.

Exploring the Mistlands

The Mistlands is a new biome introduced in Valheim, so you may need some time to familiarize yourself with the area. This guide will help you navigate the Mistlands and provide tips for discovering essential resources.

Understanding Valheim Eitr

Valheim Eitr comes in two forms:

  1. Eitr: Gained by consuming Eitr-rich foods, this purple bar functions like mana and depletes when using magic.
  2. Refined Eitr: A resource used for crafting Eitr-related stations and creating magical weapons and armor.

Discovering Black Marble and Dvergr Extractors

To find Dvergr Extractors and Black Marble, you’ll need to search for Dvergr Settlements within the Mistlands. These settlements are inhabited by dwarf-like creatures called Dvergr, who won’t attack you unless provoked. Unfortunately, collecting Extractors and Marble will provoke them, so be prepared for a fight.

Establishing a Safe Base

Consider building an outpost or temporary base near the Mistlands to reduce travel time while refining resources. A safe location in a neighboring biome may be a better option due to the scarcity of flat, enemy-free areas in the Mistlands.

Valheim Eitr Foods

To gain Eitr stat, you’ll need to find and consume Magecap mushrooms found in the Mistlands. Using a level 5 Cooking Station, you can create various dishes for increased Eitr boosts:

  • Stuffed Mushroom: 75 Eitr
  • Yggdrasil Porridge: 80 Eitr
  • Seeker Aspic x2: 85 Eitr
  • Minor Eitr Mead: Replenishes 125 Eitr over time (no Eitr stat boost)

Obtaining Refined Eitr: Step One – Sap Extractor

To create Eitr weapons, you’ll need Refined Eitr, which is derived from Yggdrasil Sap. Obtain Yggdrasil Sap by collecting Yggdrasil Wood from small Yggdrasil trees and Dvergr Extractors from Dvergr settlements.

Craft a Sap Extractor using the following recipe:

  • Yggdrasil Wood x10
  • Black Metal x5
  • Dvergr Extractor x1
  • Workbench

Place the Sap Extractor near a Yggdrasil Root with green, glowing veins, and wait for it to produce Sap (one Sap per minute).

Obtaining Refined Eitr: Step Two – Eitr Refinery

After collecting enough Sap, craft an Eitr Refinery with the following recipe:

  • Black Marble x20
  • Black Metal x5
  • Yggdrasil Wood x10
  • Black Core x5 (found in Infested Mines)
  • Sap x3
  • Workbench

Add Yggdrasil Sap and Soft Tissue (dropped by Dvergr) to the Eitr Refinery, which will produce one Refined Eitr every 40 seconds.

Crafting Magical Weapons and Armor

With Refined Eitr, you can now craft a Galdr Table to create magical weapons and Eitr Armor. You can also use Refined Eitr to craft a Carapace Armor Set and various non-magical weapons at the Black Forge.

And there you have it—a detailed guide to getting Refined Eitr and mastering the arcane arts in Valheim. With these magical weapons and armor, you’ll be ready to face any challenge the Viking world throws at you. Remember to stay updated on the latest Valheim news, guides, and tips by following RespawnFirst. Now, go forth and unleash your newfound powers in the Mistlands!

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