Outriders offers a ton of customization and modding options for weapons and armor. So much can prove to be a bit overwhelming which makes it hard to figure out certain elements. For example, modding weapons and armor in Outriders. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to mod weapons and armor in Outriders.

Modding is a key part of Outriders and of course, to progress and create the perfect build you need to mod weapons and armor. So let’s find out how the system works in Outriders.

Outriders: How to Mod Weapons and Armor

To mod your weapons and armor in Outriders you need to visit Dr. Zahedi. This is the same person who helps you upgrade equipment rarity. Dr. Zahedi comes to your camp after you are done with the Salvation quest.

When he comes to your camp, you can visit him in his small shop to mod weapons and armor in the game. The location is shown on your map in case you have a tough time finding where he is. Dr. Zahedi’s location is marked with a screwdriver and wrench icon.

Open his inventory to access the crafting menu where you can choose which weapons or armor you want to mod. Choose said weapon or armor and select Mod Gear option to apply the mod.

Keep in mind that mods can only be applied to Rare or higher equipment.

To get additional mods for your weapons and armor you need to dismantle equipment that contains mods you want to use. Do this through the equipment menu. And that’s everything you need to know on how to mod weapons and armor. Need more help? See best class for solo players, scrap farming, increase anomaly power, respec characters, legendary items farming.

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