How to Melee Enemies in Returnal

Returnal Melee Enemies | Returnal Obolite Repository Guide

Returnal is one of the most frustrating games you will play this year. Not only is it Dark Souls levels of tough, but it also sometimes feels unnecessarily complicated in terms of its gameplay mechanics. For example, you might know or learn to understand how to melee enemies in Returnal. But don’t worry, in this guide I will explain how to melee attacks work in the game.

Returnal: How to Melee Enemies

If you are playing the game and wondering why you can’t melee, there is a simple explanation. You can’t melee in Returnal until you get your hands on a certain item. To melee enemies in Returnal you need to find the Atropian Blade.

With the Atropian Blade, you can’t melee enemies in the game. Now the question is, where can you find the Atropian Blade? You can search for it in the first biome, it should be easy to find.

Once you get the blade you will unlock it permanently which means even if you die, it will stay with you unlike some other items in the game. The Atropian blade is required to progress through the first biome, it is needed to break through walls and more.

Search for it in the first biome, don’t leave any rock unturned. Keep in mind that if you don’t have the blade, avoid engaging enemies with red shields around them. Without the blade, you won’t be able to destroy the shields.

And that’s everything you need to know on how to melee enemies in the game. Need more help? See tips and tricks, and Phrike boss guide.

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