Creating and managing a settlement in Fallout 4 might seem overwhelmingly difficult, but as soon as you have learned the basics, you will be creating and managing settlements all over the Commonwealth. Yes, we know that the basics of building in Fallout 4 have not been well-defined by Bethesda. This is a guide on How to create and manage a Settlement in Fallout 4.


How to Efficiently Manage a Settlement in Fallout 4

A settlement in Fallout 4 is managed and depends on various factors like the settlers, indicators, supplies, and supply routes. We will discuss all in details:


The indicators are displayed on the top of the screen, these are basically the details of your settlements like how strong your settlement is, how many people it contains, and what are the basic stats. These are the indicators and their details:

  • People: This indicator shows the current number of people living in your settlement. These are also known as settlers, and the maximum number of settlers in a settlement is 10. The number of people in a settlement can be increased by obtaining charisma point, 1 charisma point = 1 new settler.
  • Food: This indicator shows the total quantity of food produced by crops in your settlement.
  • Water: This indicator shows how much quantity of drinkable water does your settlement contains.
  • Power: This indicator shows number of power resources in total. These generators can power up different devices of your territory. Each generator generates around 2 or 3 points of energy.
  • Defense: This indicator shows the defensive stats of your settlement. These can be increased by placing turrets, traps, watchtowers, or outposts in different areas of the settlement. Each new turret, trap, or building increases defense stats by 2 or 3 points.
  • Beds: This indicator shows the total number of Beds, and sleeping bags available in your territory.
  • Happiness: This indicator shows the happiness of the people of the territory. This specific stat cannot be more than 100 points.
  • Size: This indicator shows the total area of settlement, which is filled with some resources like buildings.

The Happiness indicator depends heavily on the indicators mentioned before it. Happiness directly affects the settlement, and more crops are collected and gathered.

Settler’s Management

You can manage settlers by giving them different tasks and orders. You can activate workshop mode to give orders to settlers. To give an order to a settler, you will need to walk towards them, and press the action button to order them a task. You can order certain settlers to perform certain tasks. Such as:

  • Select a place for a settler to go to, by clicking on the map.
  • Assign a task to this settler. For example, if you want to make a settler take care of crops, click on the field, and this will prompt the settler to take care of the corps.
  • You can make settlers use an item, by selecting one. For example, you can select a bed to make a settler go to sleep.
  • You can also transfer settlers between different settlements. To do this, you will have to walk towards the person you want to move then click on him and select the location where you want him to be.

Supply Routes

You can activate a Supply route if you have a free settler in your settlement. Supply routes allow you to gain access to junk stored in workshops of certain settlements. They also allow you to trade resources between settlements using settlers.
To activate a Supply Route, you will need to go into workshop mode, and selecting a Free Settler.

Select him, and then press the relative button to activate a supply route. Then select a settlement where you want the settler to go. The settler will now have a caravan and travel to where ever you choose for him to be.

You can keep track of the settlers traveling between settlements by pressing the walk button while in the map section.