In Victoria 3, you may construct and grow your own nation. A healthy economy and making as much money as possible are required to build a nation. If your treasuries are low on funds, you can’t build the infrastructure needed to progress.

Improving Trade: Trade is one of the main ways to earn money. Establishing trading routes should be your top priority. You will then be able to tax products. Not having your own trade routes would limit the types of goods you could trade. Study the market to know what items are in demand and build your trade business around popular items.

Expanding Industries: Expanding your industries is the primary method of earning in the game. Verify which sector makes you the most money and gather the resources needed to expand it, which is much better than investing in industries losing money. You don’t have to invest and expand your cash cows; it is always a feasible option to simply start a new money maker.

Managing Taxes: Create new taxation laws and tax goods and people. Invest the tax money to improve the standard of living in your country.

Income Cap: Income cap refers to the amount of money you can store in the coffers. Once the cap hits, you won’t be able to earn any money. Keep an eye on it through the economy tab.

Investing: In Victoria 3, the general rule is that you earn more money by investing more. You can’t base your livelihood on the same sector of the economy or structure. You must not just grow but also open up new doors.

I hope this helps you make more money in Victoria 3. Here are some more Victoria 3 guides you may find helpful:

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