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How to Make Grilled Eel in Disney Dreamlight Valley


As you embark on your journey through Disney Dreamlight Valley, unearth the chef inside of you and work on producing iconic recipes. Remy from Ratatouille has sent you on a culinary journey, and one of the recipes you must master is Grilled Eel. This guide will teach you how to make the delicious Grilled Eel in Disney Dreamlight Valley and how to catch it.

Where To Find Eel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Preparing a Grilled Eel recipe may sound intimidating, but it isn’t all that difficult. Of course, finding an eel might be a slight challenge – yet nothing impossible. To begin your journey, unlock the beach’s entrance and seek out those areas with golden bubbles. After you have identified these areas, commence fishing with the fishing rod you get during the “Fishing Expedition” quest, and don’t stop until the Eel is caught, as this species is rare to come across. Thus, take time to scout each area so that every spot goes unfished. If you believe avoiding catching an eel will grant you a way out of the “Burying the Eel” quest, think again! To complete this task, it is essential to capture one still.

How to Catch Eel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Eel is quite rare, so you must get fully prepared with a fishing rod and trap to catch one. You can craft the fishing trap with the help of Goofy; you need to get 8x softwood and 8x worms. Place the trap near the bridge at the deck while starting fishing at the golden bubbles spot. You need the fishing trap to summon the Eel, but you’ll still have to fish for it using the rod.

Grilled Eel Recipe

After procuring an eel, you can prepare a delectable Grilled Eel dish. All the ingredients needed are an eel, a cooking pot, and a grill. Cooking the Eel is not tricky, so you only need to worry about catching it; the rest is pretty straightforward.

That’s all for the recipe. Now, it’s time to fire up the grill and cook your Eel! But if you need more help with the game, here are some guides you may like:

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