It took me almost 10 hours to find out how to make batteries in Craftopia. For some reason, the game does a poor job as explaining how to craft batteries. But don’t worry, in this guide, we will explain how you can craft them, in fact, we will also explain how to boost battery production in Craftopia.

How to Craft Batteries in Craftopia

To craft batteries in Craftopia you need something called the Generator. There are different sizes of the Generator and each size has its unique output. The small one at most gives you 2-3 batteries depending on what animal you put inside it. To craft batteries in Craftopia you need to make the generator. To craft a small Battery Generator you need 1 Steel Ingot, 1 Cogwheel, and 5 Wooden Logs.

Once you make the generator you also need to craft the Monster Prism to tame animals. The Monster Prism tames animals and they are then released into the generator wheels. You can craft multiple generators and use the Monster Prism to fill them up. The generators will then start to make batteries for you in Craftopia. You can use the Tutorial NPCs in the ramp-up battery production. You read our battery farming guide for proper instructions regarding battery farming methods.

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