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How To Craft A Windmill In Valheim For More Food


Windmills in Valheim are used to convert Barley into Flour for players to store and consume food items later on in the game to regain that lost health and stamina. Players must keep a variety of different food items in their inventory. You will need a windmill in Valheim to generate certain food items to consume afterward.

Unlocking the Windmill

Before you can start crafting a windmill in Valheim, you need to unlock it. This process involves a few steps that require some preparation and combat.

  1. Defeat Moder:
    • To unlock the windmill, you first need to defeat the dragon boss known as Moder. You can find Moder in the Mountain biome. To summon her, you’ll need to sacrifice three dragon eggs at her altar. These eggs are heavy, so plan your journey accordingly.
    • Moder is a formidable foe who has both aerial and ground attacks. It’s recommended to come prepared with frost resistance mead, good armor (preferably padded), and powerful weapons. Bows are particularly effective when she’s flying.
  2. Collect the Dragon Tear:
    • Upon defeating Moder, you’ll receive a dragon tear. This item is crucial as it unlocks the recipe for the artisan table, which is a prerequisite for building a windmill.
  3. Craft the Artisan Table:
    • Once you have the dragon tear, you can craft the artisan table. The artisan table is a new crafting station that enables you to build advanced items, including the windmill. Ensure you place it in a covered area as it’s susceptible to weather damage.

After setting up the artisan table, you’ll have access to new crafting recipes, including the much-needed windmill. Remember, the artisan table needs to be nearby when you’re placing your windmill, so consider its location carefully.

How to craft a Windmill in Valheim

First off, to make a Windmill possible, you will need an artisan table placed nearby and certain items such as Wood, Stone, and Iron nails from iron ingots and make iron nails inside the forge using these iron ingots. To be more specific, we need these items in the following quantities:

  • 30 Wood: Commonly found from cutting down trees such as beech, pine, and fir.
  • 30 Stone: Gathered from mining stones or picking up small stones scattered around the ground.
  • 20 Iron Nails: Made from iron at the forge. You’ll need iron bars, so make sure you’ve mined some iron ore from the Swamp biome and smelted it in the smelter.
  • 10 Linen Thread: Produced from flax at the spinning wheel, which you can craft after defeating Moder, just like the windmill.

Once you have got these resources in your inventory and ready to use, you can create a windmill at any place by right-clicking on the hammer icon and selecting Windmill from the crafting section. After placing Windmill, you will get the prompt to add barley inside it, and it will process the barley and generate Barley flour, which can then be used to make specific food items like Bread, Lox meat Pie, Fish Wraps, and Blood Pudding.

Rotate the windmill as needed to fit the space and ensure the vanes (blades) have enough room to turn. Once you’re satisfied with the placement, click to construct it. Remember, the windmill is a tall structure, and its base needs to be on even ground, so you might need to level the terrain with the hoe tool.

Choosing A Location

Windmills are large structures, so you’ll need a spacious area to accommodate them. They also need to be placed outdoors and have access to the wind, meaning no surrounding obstructions like tall trees or cliffs. Consider building it near your base or farming area for easy access to processing food ingredients.

Where to Find Barley

You can harvest barley in plains biome in the fuling villages, where the fulings inhabit and these are some dangerous places to visit in Valheim. We recommend players have a good roster of weapons to deal with enemies in these areas.

This was all you needed to know about how to create a Windmill in Valheim. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Valheim wiki guides.

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