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How To Long Jump In Super Mario 64


Super Mario 64 has been an obsession of mine since the early 2000s when I got into gaming. It makes me happy to see that so many people love this classic Nintendo game after so many years. I go back to this game whenever I can and if you are anything like me, then you also forget how to long jump in Super Mario 64. So I guess we both need a refresher course on Super Mario 64’s long jump.

Whether you are playing Super Mario 64 on Nintendo Switch or N64, I am going to help you learn (or relearn) the popular long jump. Rest assured that the process is simple and easy to understand, so let’s get to it and learn the jump in Super Mario 64.

How To Long Jump In Super Mario 64 On N64

To perform a Long Jump in Super Mario 64 on N64, you need to hit a couple of buttons at the right time. Let me break it down for you in 3 steps:

  1. Start with Momentum: Before the long jump, put Mario in motion. Push the control stick forward to get him running.
  2. Initiate the Crouch: While Mario is sprinting, press the Z button on the back of the N64 controller. This makes Mario crouch, gearing up for the long jump.
  3. Launch into a Long Jump: Immediately after crouching, hit the A button. This combination propels Mario forward in a long jump.

Remember, the timing is crucial. If the A button is pressed too late after crouching, Mario won’t perform the long jump. It’s a skill that might take a few tries to get right but at least for anyone with experience playing Mario games, this won’t be a hard jump to master. For others, it may take some much needed practice.

Lastly, while you practice the long jump make sure you have enough room on the level so you won’t fall off somewhere.

Note: Did you know you can play Super Mario 64 on PC using an emulator? You can do this by installing Emudeck emulator and I recommend using Asus ROG Ally handheld if you own one.

How To Long Jump In Super Mario 64 On Nintendo Switch

super mario 64 long jump controls.

Long jumping in Super Marion 64 on Nintendo Switch is the same as it is on N64. You push the stick forward and time the button press to nail the jump. Let’s break down the long jump steps on Nintendo Switch:

  1. Begin with a Sprint: First, get Mario running. Push the left joystick forward to start his sprint across the Mushroom Kingdom.
  2. Crouch: While Mario is sprinting, quickly press the ZL button on the Switch controller. This action makes Mario crouch, setting the stage for the jump.
  3. Launch into a Long Jump: In a swift motion, following the crouch, press the A button. This timing is crucial – too slow, and you’ll miss the long jump’s momentum.

Why Do You Need To Use Long Jump In Super Mario 64

Ever come across a gap that’s just too wide? That’s where the long jump comes in. It’s the ideal move for getting Mario across those large spaces, unlocking new areas and shortcuts.

And if you’re a speedrunner, time is of the essence in speedrunning, and the long jump is key for cutting those crucial seconds. Even if you’re not racing the clock, this move is great for zipping through the game’s vast levels faster.

Close calls with Chain Chomps in Bob-omb Battlefield? The long jump’s your go-to for dodging enemies and avoiding hazards like falling bombs or enclosing walls in a flash.

“Super Mario 64” is full of secrets, and many are tucked away, reachable only with a well-timed long jump. It’s essential for snagging hidden stars and uncovering secret areas.

How To Backwards Long Jump In Super Mario 64

Backwards Long Jumping (BLJ) in “Super Mario 64” is a famous glitch that players use to bypass certain parts of the game. It involves a specific technique that allows Mario to build up incredible speed and pass through solid objects.

  1. Find a Slope or Stairs: The BLJ is usually performed on slopes or stairs, as these surfaces allow Mario to perform the jump while moving backwards.
  2. Build Up Speed: Run up the slope or stairs and turn around quickly. You need to be facing away from the slope or stairs to perform the jump.
  3. Start Long Jumping: Perform a long jump (running jump) in the opposite direction of the slope or stairs. In “Super Mario 64”, this is usually done by running, pressing the ‘Z’ button to crouch, and then pressing the ‘A’ button to jump.
  4. Rapidly Press the Jump Button: After the initial long jump, rapidly press the jump button (‘A’ button). Mario will start to jump backwards rapidly. The key is to press the jump button as quickly as possible.
  5. Maintain Direction: As you’re pressing the jump button rapidly, you need to hold the joystick in the direction that Mario is facing (away from the slope or stairs). This is important to maintain the backward momentum.
  6. Clip Through Objects: If done correctly, Mario will begin to move backwards at a high speed. This speed can cause him to clip through walls and doors, bypassing certain areas of the game.

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