Social Links in Persona 4 Golden are a type of reputation system that allows you to form and develop relationships with other characters. As you level up your Social Links you will get skills and abilities, and will even be able to form relationships. In this guide, we will explain how to rank up Social Links in Persona 4 Golden.


Leveling Up Social Links in Persona 4 Golden

In Persona 4 Golden there is a hidden meter that keeps track of everything you do while interacting with other characters. The most obvious way to level up Persona 4 Golden is to spend more time hanging out and doing activities with other characters. However, there is more to this process as we’ll describe now. While engaging with certain characters you can select specific answers to add additional points to this hidden meter. Moreover, if you a Persona from the same Arcana it will also be helpful in getting more points for the hidden meter. This is useful, especially when building relationships with other characters.

Giving the right answers is the fastest way to level up Social Links in Persona 4 Golden. But keep in mind that getting questions to answer might not always be an option to focus on other activities as well. If you have a hard time finding a character look around time as they are not always at their usual location. If you meet them around time and spend time with them it is likely to increase the friendship meter but not the level up the rank. When they have the “!” on them only then you can rank the Social Links.

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