How To Level Up Fast In Swords Of Legends Online

Swords Of Legends Online Level

Swords Of Legends Online is not too grindy but you still have to level up. In this Swords Of Legends Online guide, we are going to walk you through how you can level up your character fast.

Level Up Fast In Swords Of Legends Online

The following are the different ways in which you can level up your character fast in Swords Of Legends Online:

Main Story Missions

Go through the main story missions and the side story missions. This will help you get to level 13 fairly quickly. There are some roadblocks in the game that will require you to level up and complete certain main missions so might as well get them out of the way. So when you see a quest icon, head over and complete the main or side mission.

Stuck At Level 14?

We recommend farming the Forest of Yemo dungeon in order to get gear and level up your character if you find yourself stuck at level 14 and are unable to continue with your progression.

Do Biographies For Extra XP

Biographies do give you ample amounts of XP. So if you are stuck and unable to continue until you reach a certain level, be sure to complete biographies.

Take Part In Heroic Activities

Heroic activities will have you do certain tasks. These can be anything from killing a boss or watering some plants. These can give you some decent XP so be sure to do these. Just leave the more taxing ones.

This is how you can level up fast in Swords Of Legends Online. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on which class you should pick.

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