Leveling up in Rainbow Six Extraction requires plenty of hard work and grind as is the case with other Ubisoft games. To make things worse, you actually get demoted in rank when you die or fail a mission. Losing enough XP will result in demotion. However, when you manage to reach lvl 10, you can prevent a demotion.

Rainbow Six Extraction XP Farming: How to Level Up Fast

Most activities you do in Rainbow Six allow you to earn XP which means there are multiple ways to earn additional XP to level up fast. You can optimize XP farming by following a few simple steps.

Complete Studies

Studies are optional objectives you can complete while you’re out doing primaries. You can earn extra XP and rewards by completing Studies. They are mostly easy to complete, for example, one of them has you perform stealth melee kills while another has you kill a certain type of enemy. You can earn a huge amount of XP by completing Studies.

High-Risk High Reward

Playing on higher difficulties is a sure-fire way to earn extra XP to level up fast. Every activity you do; be it missions, challenges, studies, or killing enemies, you can earn more XP on higher difficulties. However, this method is only recommended for those highly familiar with the game mechanics.

Know When To Leave

Pushing you luck in Rainbow Six Extraction isn’t going to end well most of the time. You can end up losing XP or worse, your Operator is MIA and you’ll have to rescue them the next time you come to the area. You don’t have to complete every objective during your session because you may get swarmed by enemies and die. Whenever you’re unsure, exfil out, bank the XP and try again.

Kill Them All

Well, not all but most of them for sure. Kill as many enemies and be creative with your kills to bank more XP in Rainbow Six Extraction to level up fast. Smaller enemies net you less XP but if you can take down larger, more difficult enemies you can additional XP.

That’s everything you need to know on how to level up fast in Rainbow Six Extraction. Need more help? See How to Kill Breachers, How to Unlock Operators.

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