It’s no secret that the multiplayer in Modern Warfare 2 is extremely competitive and challenging. To be successful, players need to learn how to level up fast. In this guide, ill tell you how to level up fast in the Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer and unlock all attachments as soon as possible.

There are two ways to improve your level in the game:

  • Daily Challenges
  • Game Mode Objectives

Daily Challenges

One of the quickest ways to gain experience points and level up in Modern Warfare 2 is by completing the daily challenges. You can earn 4,500 experience points per challenge, which goes towards leveling up your character. In addition, the tasks reset daily, providing a consistent way of gaining experience points.

General Challenges

These are the challenges that are available to everyone and easy to complete. Below, I’ve mentioned some of them:

  • Hipfire – Get 2 Hipfire Kills
  • Killstreaks – Kill 3 enemies in a row
  • Winning Match – Win a Single Match in the Mode of your choice

Weapon Challenges

These are more specific and can only be completed using a certain type of weapon. Below, I’ve mentioned some of them:

  • Assault Rifles – Get 5 Headshots
  • Marksman Rifles – Get 3 Headshots
  • Sniper – Get 5 Sniper Kills

Special Challenges

These are unique to each game mode, from getting a certain number of kills to capturing objectives. Below, I’ve mentioned some of them:

  • Kill Streaks – Get 2 Kills
  • Dead Silence – Use Dead Silence and Get 2 Kills
  • C4 – Use C4 and Get 1 Kill

Bonus Challenges

You will only have access to the Bonus Challenges if you finish those above within 24 hours. The sum of all the challenges is 15,000 Experience Points. Bonus Challenges are harder tasks that are designed to test your skills. They provide a good way of gaining experience points if you need help to level up. I’ve mentioned some-them below:

  • Kingslayer Kills – Get 5 Kills
  • Longshot Skills- Get 12 Longshot Skills
  • Battle Hardened Perk – Use Battle Hardened Perk and Get 3 Kills

Game Mode Objectives

You can also level up by playing the game and completing objectives. Each game mode has different objectives that need to be completed to win. You will be rewarded with a certain amount of experience points depending on how well you do. Below, I’ve mentioned ways to earn more experience points:


  • Collect All Zone objectives
  • Eliminate Enemies Near Objective Zones

Team Deathmatch

  • Kills the enemies in a row to maintain Killstreaks

Knock Out

  • Pick money bag
  • Revive your pals
  • Save money by killing the enemy and taking their bag.

Search and Destroy

  • Plant and Defuse the Spike/ bombs
  • Eliminate enemies with objective zones.

Prisoner Rescue

  • Revive your pals
  • Carry or Extract prisons when you are part of attackers.
  • Save prisoners from the Attacking Team.

That’s everything you need to know on how to level up fast in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer mode. Need more help? Here are more MW2 multiplayer guides you may find helpful:

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