How to Level Up Fast in Biomutant

How to Level Up Fast in Biomutant

Biomutant has a long main story traversal as well as side quests, and all these quests let them be main quests or side ones, when completed grants you a big chunk of EXP. You can easily level up fast just by playing through main story missions get those upgrade points and upgrade your character’s abilities. In this guide, we have shared some tips and tricks to help players level up fast in Biomutant.

Level Up Fast in Biomutant

There are a huge number of side quests available for you to complete and also the main story missions, which grant you an enormous amount of XP and you can easily level up. You can complete side quests when running from one main quest point to another.

By traveling on foot between locations, you will explore a lot of things the game has to offer, and there will be a hell of a lot of enemies and smaller bosses all around the map.

You can gain a lot of EXP by defeating these enemies and bosses. You might also receive some good gear by defeating these enemies, and you might find caches throughout your journey, which also grant some good items for later use.

Biomutant is no doubt a challenging game with its mechanics and character optimization. This means that leveling up your character is just a natural process overall and almost everything grants you a bit of EXP, and you can easily level up by doing main story quests and the side quests too.

To get to the maximum level, we would recommend not to rush through the main story and explore the game world, else you would fall back.

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