In Xenoblade Chronicles 3 your Affinity Level with party members is important for several reasons. For one, higher Affinity Levels grant you access to more powerful abilities. In addition, better relations with party members can lead to important story revelations and side quests. Finally, high-Affinity Levels are required to trigger certain key cutscenes. As a result, it’s essential to Level Up Affinity as quickly as possible if you want to progress through the game.

Leveling Up Affinity Fast in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

There are five ways to level up the Affinity Fast in Xenoblade Chronicles 3:

  • Collectopaedia Cards
  • Skirmishes
  • Husks
  • Quests
  • Interacting With Colony People

Collectopaedia Cards

You may earn Collectopedia Cards by taking part in the collectopaedia cards for your own colony. You’ll be able to participate in the Collectopaedia Cards if you gather the coins or required items. Keep in mind that each attempt has its own benefits. You must consume the collectoparedia card for your own colony to receive a batter’s reward.


In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you build a colony to defend your own region. When an enemy attack occurs during a conflict, you must defeat them. Consequently, your affinity level is likely to rise, although you may also receive different rewards in some cases.


It’s time to send husks if you notice the “flute symbol” on the mini-map. As a result, the entire area will be packed with soldiers dispersed, and you will earn an affinity.


To gain extra affinity, complete the colony (NPC) quest on time. As a result, you must come to the colony for additional activities to improve your reward likelihood.

Interacting With Colony People

You must go to the colony at a random time interval to talk with those who have been marked with stars. As a consequence, you will gain affinity.

That’s everything there is to know about leveling up affinity. Need more help? See Recruiting Heroes, Battle System, All Gems List.

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