In Baldur’s Gate 3, mastering spells is pivotal for strategic combat. While many characters gain spells when they level up, the Wizard class stands out with its unique capability to learn spells from spell scrolls scattered throughout the game.


Spell scrolls are special items that typically grant any character a one-time use of a specific spell, consuming the scroll in the process. However, wizards have the unique advantage of transcribing these scrolls, allowing them to permanently add the spell to their repertoire. This not only bolsters their arsenal but also provides strategic flexibility in combat scenarios.

Steps to Learn Spells as a Wizard

Accessing Inventory: To begin the process, players should open their inventory by pressing the ‘I’ key or access the Party View with the ‘tab’ key and then select their wizard.

Selecting and Learning the Spell: Once in the inventory, players can click on the portrait of the wizard they wish to teach a spell to. By right-clicking on the desired spell scroll, an option to “Learn Spell” appears in the drop-down menu. Opting for this will come with a cost, determined by the spell’s strength. Once the cost is met, the spell is added to the wizard’s list.


Preparing the Spell: After learning a spell, it needs to be prepared to be used in combat. This is done by accessing the wizard’s spellbook and selecting the best spells. It’s essential to note that a wizard’s level dictates the number of spells they can prepare at any given time.

All Baldur’s Gate 3 Spells

Level 1 Spells

Animal FriendshipEnchantmentRanger, Druid
Armour of AgathysAbjurationWarlock, Sorcerer, Bard
Arms of HadarConjurationWarlock
BaneEnchantmentCleric, Bard
BlessEnchantmentPaladin, Cleric, Bard
Burning HandsEvocationWizard, Warlock, Rogue, Fighter, Eldritch Knight
Charm PersonEnchantmentWizard, Warlock, Sorcerer, Rogue, Fighter, Druid, Cleric, Bard
Chromatic OrbEvocationWizard, Warlock, Fighter, Bard, Eldritch Knight
Colour SprayIllusionWizard, Rogue, Fighter
CommandEnchantmentWarlock, Paladin, Cleric, Bard
Compelled DuelEnchantmentPaladin
Create or Destroy WaterTransmutationDruid, Cleric
Cure WoundsEvocationRanger, Paladin, Druid, Cleric
Disguise SelfIllusionWizard, Ranger, Fighter, Cleric, Bard
Dissonant WhispersEnchantmentWarlock, Bard
Divine FavorEvocationCleric, Paladin
Enhance LeapTransmutationWizard, Ranger, Fighter, Druid
Ensnaring Strike (Ranged)ConjurationRanger
Expeditious RetreatTransmutationWizard, Warlock, Sorcerer, Fighter
Faerie FireEvocationDruid, Bard
False LifeNecromancyWizard, Fighter, Bard
Feather FallTransmutationWizard, Fighter, Bard
Find FamiliarConjurationWizard, Warlock, Fighter
Find Familiar: ScratchConjurationCleric
Fog CloudConjurationWizard, Ranger, Fighter, Druid
Githyanki Psionics: JumpTransmutation
GreaseConjurationWizard, Fighter
Guiding BoltEvocationCleric, Bard
Hail of ThornsConjuration
Healing WordEvocationDruid, Cleric, Bard
Hellish RebukeEvocationWarlock, Bard
HeroismEnchantmentPaladin, Bard
HexEnchantmentWarlock, Bard
Hunter’s MarkDivinationRanger, Paladin
Ice KnifeConjurationWizard, Fighter, Druid, Bard
Inflict WoundsNecromancyCleric
Invocation: Armour of ShadowsAbjurationWarlock
LongstriderTransmutationWizard, Ranger, Fighter, Druid, Bard
Mage ArmourAbjurationWizard, Eldritch Knight
Magic MissileEvocationWizard, Bard, Eldritch Knight
Protection from Evil and GoodAbjurationWizard, Warlock, Paladin, Cleric, Eldritch Knight
Ray of SicknessNecromancyWizard, Wizard, Fighter
Searing SmiteEvocationPaladin
Shield of FaithAbjurationPaladin, Cleric
SleepEnchantmentSorcerer, Wizard, Rogue, Fighter, Bard
Speak With AnimalsDivinationRanger, Druid, Bard
Tasha’s Hideous LaughterEnchantmentWizard, Warlock, Sorcerer, Fighter, Bard
Thunderous SmiteEvocationPaladin
ThunderwaveEvocationWizard, Fighter, Druid, Bard, Eldritch Knight
Tyr’s ProtectionAbjuration
Witch BoltEvocationWarlock, Fighter, Eldritch Knight
Wrathful SmiteEvocationPaladin

Level 2 Spells

Spell NameSchoolClass(es)
Absolute’s Talisman: AidAbjuration
Arcane LockAbjurationWizard, Bard
BlindnessNecromancyWizard, Warlock, Druid, Cleric, Bard
BlurIllusionWizard, Bard
Branding SmiteEvocation
Calm EmotionsEnchantmentCleric, Bard
Cloud of DaggersConjurationWizard, Warlock, Bard
Crown of MadnessEnchantmentWizard, Warlock, Bard
DarknessEvocationWizard, Warlock, Bard
DarkvisionTransmutationWizard, Druid, Bard
Detect ThoughtsDivinationWizard, Druid, Bard
Enhance AbilityTransmutationDruid, Cleric, Bard
EnthralEnchantmentWarlock, Bard
Flame BladeEvocationDruid
Flaming SphereConjurationWizard, Druid
Gust of WindEvocationWizard, Druid
Heat MetalTransmutationDruid, Bard
Hold PersonEnchantmentWizard, Warlock, Paladin, Druid, Cleric, Bard
InvisibilityIllusionWizard, Warlock, Bard
KnockTransmutationWizard, Bard
Lesser RestorationAbjurationDruid, Cleric, Bard
Magic WeaponTransmutationWizard
Melf’s Acid ArrowEvocationWizard
Mirror ImageIllusionWizard, Warlock, Cleric
Misty StepConjurationWizard, Warlock, Rogue, Bard
Pass Without TraceAbjurationDruid, Cleric, Bard
Phantasmal ForceIllusionWizard, Bard
Prayer of HealingEvocationCleric
Protection from PoisonAbjurationDruid, Cleric
Ray of EnfeeblementNecromancyWizard, Warlock
Scorching RayEvocationWizard, Warlock, Bard
See InvisibilityDivinationWizard, Bard
ShatterEvocationWizard, Warlock, Bard
SilenceIllusionCleric, Bard
Spike GrowthTransmutationDruid, Bard
Spiritual WeaponEvocationCleric, Bard
Warding BondAbjurationCleric

Level 3 Spells

Spell NameSchoolClass(es)
Animate DeadNecromancyWizard
Beacon of HopeAbjurationCleric
Bestow CurseNecromancyWizard, Cleric
CounterspellAbjurationWizard, Warlock, Bard
Crusader’s MantleEvocationCleric
DaylightEvocationCleric, Bard
FearIllusionWizard, Cleric
Feign DeathNecromancyWizard, Cleric
FireballEvocationWizard, Warlock, Bard
Gaseous FormTransmutationWizard, Warlock, Bard
Glyph of WardingAbjurationWizard, Cleric
Grant FlightTransmutationWizard, Warlock, Bard
HasteTransmutationWizard, Bard
Hunger of HadarConjurationWarlock
Hypnotic PatternIllusionWizard, Warlock
Lightning BoltEvocationWizard, Bard
Mass Healing WordEvocationCleric, Bard
Plant GrowthTransmutationBard
Protection from EnergyAbjurationWizard, Cleric
Ray of FearNecromancy
Remove CurseAbjurationWizard, Warlock, Cleric, Bard
Sleet StormConjurationWizard
SlowTransmutationWizard, Bard
Speak with DeadNecromancyRogue, Cleric
Spirit GuardiansConjurationCleric, Bard
Stinking CloudConjurationWizard, Warlock
Vampiric TouchNecromancyWizard, Warlock, Bard
Warden of VitalityEvocationBard
Wounding RayNecromancy

Level 4 Spells

Spell NameSchoolClass(es)
BanishmentAbjurationCleric, Bard
Call LightningConjurationBard, Cleric
Death WardAbjurationBard, Cleric
Dimension DoorConjurationCleric
Dominate BeastEnchantmentBard
Fire ShieldEvocationBard
Fire Shield: WarmEvocation
Freedom of MovementAbjurationCleric
Guardian of FaithConjurationCleric, Bard
Ice StormEvocationBard
Otiluke’s Resilient SphereEvocationCleric
Wall of FireEvocationCleric, Bard

Level 5 Spells

Spell NameSchoolClass(es)
Cone of ColdEvocationBard
Conjure ElementalConjurationBard
Wall of StoneEvocationBard

Level 6 Spells

Spell NameSchoolClass(es)
Otto’s Irresistible DanceEnchantmentBard

Additional Tips

Gale and Multiclassing: For those whose main character isn’t a wizard, Gale, a default wizard character, can be added to the party to utilize the spell learning mechanic. Alternatively, players can consider multiclassing into the wizard class, though this choice comes with its own set of pros and cons.

Cost Implications:: While the ability to learn spells from scrolls offers strategic depth, players should be mindful of the associated costs. It’s crucial to ensure sufficient gold reserves before attempting to learn a new spell.

Strategic Spell Preparation: The flexibility of the Wizard class shines with the ability to change prepared spells outside of combat. This adaptability allows players to prepare for various challenges and situations in the game.


Harnessing the power of spell scrolls is a game-changer in Baldur’s Gate 3, especially for wizards. By understanding the mechanics of learning and preparing spells, players can navigate the challenges of the game with enhanced strategic depth.


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