Wiki-wikis in Bravely Default 2 are rare, little birds that players can find in the world. According to the game, “Wiki-wikis are birdlike monsters that are said to bring happiness. Extremely nimble and hard to pin down.” So how does one find and kill them? This is where this guide comes in. In this Bravely Default 2 guide, we’ve detailed everything there’s to know about how to easily kill Wiki-wikis in the game.


How to Kill Wiki-wikis in Bravely Default 2

The first thing that players need to know is that Wiki-wikis by themselves can’t be found. Players will always find them accompanied by other enemies. However, always try to look out for a distinct glow emitted by them to find them easily. Wiki-wikis can cause a lot of frustration when it comes to killing them but it’s all worth it in the end because of the sheer amount of JP and EXP that they provide upon dying.

The reason why Wiki-wikis are hard to kill is because of their evasion rating. These little birdlike creatures can evade almost any physical attack in Bravely Default 2. On top of that, they’ve also got Auto-Guard ability that further adds to the frustration of players. However, there are some things that players can do to make it a little easier. These are:

  • Try to utilize Bard’s accuracy buff to ensure that the hits land.
  • Special Attacks that don’t miss and deal a lot of damage to a single target can be a life-saver!
  • Wiki-wikis always run upon the sight of players, therefore, try to drop everything and chase after them.
  • There are some status ailments like Paralysis, Stop, and Sleep that seem to work great against these creatures.
  • Lastly, players need to try and throw everything that they’ve got at these Wiki-wikis for a chance at killing them.
  • Since all the magical abilities in the game tend to ignore the evasion status of Wiki-wikis, they’re also a good tool to use against them but make sure to level these abilities first since they don’t seem to do a lot of damage.

Once defeated, Wiki-wikis will yield a lot of JP and EXP for the players to level up and increase the level of their desired jobs.

That’s all we’ve got in how to kill Wiki-wikis in Bravely Default 2. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Bravely Default 2 wiki guides.