Tiger Shark is one of the sharks in the player faces in Stranded Deep. You can find Tiger Sharks in shallow ocean biomes. You can hunt these wild creatures for meat and rawhide. In this guide, we will discuss how to kill a Tiger Shark in Stranded Deep.


How to Kill Tiger Shark

The Tiger Shark is an aggressive enemy in Stranded Deep. It is right up there with the Great White Shark and other sharks. As soon as you are spotted by a Tiger Shark it will charge towards you, push the raft to get you in the water, or get a bite if you are already in the water. If you get knocked out of the raft the sharks swim away rapidly.

You should express extreme caution when facing a Tiger Shark. The Tiger Sharks are fast and the low visibility underwater means you can lose track of it easily. Once you manage to land three shots with a weapon the shark will swim away but it comes back to attack with a speed which is hard to dodge. Continue to perform repeated attacks at the shark and it will eventually try to swim to open water to avoid more damage. However, it will come back to attack.

The tiger shark can drag Stranded Deep players and its bites do minor damage. If you have a weapon equipped you keep attacking the tiger shark when being dragged in the water. If you didn’t start the fight, making eye contact with the shark often keeps it away. Once you manage to kill the shark with repeated attacks, drag the body to the beach for dissection. You can skin it with a knife and get large meat, and rawhide. You can get a good amount of food and rawhides can be used to make leather using the Tanning Rock.


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