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Wondering how to kill a Thunderjaw in Horizon Zero Dawn? The big beast is taken down using explosive arrows among other things. In this guide, we will explain how you can beat the Thunderjaw in Horizon Zero Dawn PC. There are various tactics you can use, and below you will find tips that will come in handy in this boss fight.

How to Kill Thunderjaw in Horizon Zero Dawn

You will come across the Thunderjaw in the Cauldron ZETA. It is among the toughest fights in Zero Dawn so be prepared with your Tripcaster and explosive arrows. Make sure to upgrade your Tripcaster as well as your bow. Keep in mind that this fight is purely long-ranged so don’t attempt to go near the Thunderjaw. This machine can do a lot of damage if you get close to it so keep your distance. The best strategy is to scan its weak points, you will notice that it has weak points on its back and near the head. Target its Yellow weak points with explosive arrows.

The Thunderjaw has two disk launchers and Aloy can actually use them. However, both launchers must first be taken off the Thunderjaw. Once you have the launchers the fight becomes much easier for Aloy. You can damage the launchers by using explosive arrows at its torso. Use the Focus effect to slow down time to make it easier for Aloy to target the area. When the launchers are off wait for the right moment to grab them. The launchers are heavy and Aloy is half their size so it will be hard for her to pick them up. This is why you need to wait for the right time to pick them.


They can do a lot of damage to the Thunderjaw but focus on the weak point on its back and its mouth. Keep targeting the weak points its armor will start to fall off. The Thuderjaw boss fight is all about jumping out of the way when it attacks and targeting its blasters early on. Use upgraded sharp shot bow and the Tripcaster against the Thunderjaw.

Hope this information helps you kill the Thunderjaw in Horizon Zero Dawn. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our guide on how you can kill a Sawtooth.