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How to Kill Security Robot in The Callisto Protocol


The Security Robot is, as the name alludes to, a robot created for nothing but security. This robot is a powerful enemy, and most weapons will not affect it, so it is worth spending your time to take it down. In this guide, I’ll tell you how to Kill Security Robot In The Callisto Protocol.

After making your way through the game and reaching Chapter 3: Aftermath, you will encounter a Security Robot. It is one of the most dangerous enemies in the game, so be prepared with Strategies.

Unfortunately, almost all your weapons are ineffective against it, so you’re on your own in this battle. Consequently, the situation won’t be favorable for you as it’s somehow the start of the game, which means you won’t have any particular weapon.

Like in any other game, you must find the enemy’s weakness. In this game, the Security Robot’s weak spot is its red eye. Therefore, you should aim for the enemy’s weak spot. It does not matter how powerful the opponent is; if you hit it in the red eye, it will go down quickly.

Since it’s a long-range battle, melee weapons are unnecessary. To stay alive during the battle, you must keep a safe distance from the robot. Remember that your accuracy shouldn’t be affected by this distance; all hits will be useless except if they’re straight in the eyes.

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