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One of the deadliest enemies in Horizon Zero Dawn is Sawtooth. Aloy will come across this machine very early on in the game and at the time she may not be best prepared to face it. In this guide, we will explain how to kill Saw Tooth in Horizon Zero Dawn PC and PS4.

The beastly machine can be a valuable resource in Horizon Zero Dawn, especially if you manage of override it. However, overriding may not always be the best option.

How to Kill Sawtooth in Horizon Zero Dawn – Tips and Strategy

Sawtooth is one of the very first big enemies you will face in Zero Dawn. In fact, at one point killing the Sawtooth is required for the story to progress. You can try ranged combat but it is best to avoid ranged combat and use melee attacks.


When you first come across Sawtooth the game will give you a weapon that is your best bet against it. When facing Sawtooth the very first thing you should do is scan it.

In fact, make this a rule of thumb, scan every enemy you come across for the first time. Scanning machines will tell you how and where to attack. Weak points of your enemies are shown in Yellow, attack these points.

When you scan the Sawtooth you will notice that it has no exposed weak points.  This enemy is fast but it follows a set pattern when moving around. Scan its path and use this to your advantage. Use your spear to attack the Sawtooth when the opportunity presents itself.

Jump away when it charges in your direction. Sawtooth has a long leap so watch out for its charge attack. Once you have the ability to override machines,  override a Sawtooth to use it to fight other machines. This is a tactic you can use against all enemies.


Try to stun the Sawtooth using your Tripcaster and lay in as many shots as possible. Tagging its patrol path is really important as it allows you to land shots without being seen. Once you are spotted you can go back into hiding using the tall grass if there’s any nearby.

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