One of the sharks you come across in Stranded Deep is the Great White Sharks. There is no set location for it as it can attack you anywhere in the ocean. It roams around everywhere so keep an eye out for sudden attacks. In this guide, we will explain how to kill the Great White Shark in Stranded Deep by studying its behavior and attacks.


How to Kill Great White Sharks

Great White Sharks have a sluggish movement speed and are aggressive creatures. When they spot the player on a raft they stay below the surface and wait. If the player is in the water they become more and more aggressive the longer the player is in the water. It is very easy to lose track of the shark due to low visibility underwater.

When facing any shark let alone the Great White Sharks in Stranded Deep, we suggest you bring the flippers so you can dodge them if they turn to attack. Having the raft with you when facing the sharks can help a lot as you can get out of the water and get an idea of where they are. Use the metal axe to attack them, machete and spears take a long time and too many hits.

It is best that you use a rubber raft instead of a wooden one. It is much harder for the Great White Sharks to knock you off them. The same is the case with any other shark for that matter. If the shark is coming right at you it is best to make eye contact with it as it gives you a chance of not being attacked by it. When they are close to dying, they will swim away from you very fast. Follow them so they don’t start healing. Battling a Great White Shark is not recommended if there is nightfall or it’s raining.


Need more help with the game, check out the Stranded Deep Wiki.


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