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How To Join A Server In The Day Before


Trying to join a server in The Day Before but can’t? Here’s what you need to do.

To join a server in The Day Before you need to complete your character first if it is your first time playing. Choose the best class, customize the character’s hair, skin, and other features or stick to defaults.

After you select the Character Name and hit Confirm, you will be taken to the Server Browser where you have three regions to choose from:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia
The Day Before Server Browser.

Each of these regions has a bunch of servers you can choose from. Select the region to open the available server list. Due to high demand, the server are usually full but the key is to keep trying to join servers that show a “High,” “Low,” or “Medium” population.

You can’t join The Day Before servers that are “Full.”

When you are ready to select a server, click to join and you will spawn into the game. If it is your first time playing the game, you will go through a series of cut-scenes and introductions to different characters after joining a server. You will spawn into the game’s main hub where you can buy guns, ammo, medications, craft items, and do a lot more before going out in the open world.

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