Chivalry 2 is more fun when you play with friends and in this guide, let’s talk about how to invite friends on Chivalry 2. Once you downloaded the game, boot it up and the process is pretty simple from there.

Chivalry 2: How to Invite Friends

To invite friends to a party in Chivalry 2, look at the bottom left of the screen where you can spot the “Invite Party Member” option. Depending on the platform you are playing on, click on the option or press the corresponding button.

When you access this option you will be able to see your friends who are online at the moment. If you can’t see anyone online, you may need to add some friends on PSN, Xbox Live, or Epic Games Store depending on the platform you are playing.

During the beta there were some issues inviting friends to the party but as far as we can tell the issue has been resolved. When your party is assembled, choose a game mode and start the match.

And that’s everything you need to know on how to invite friends. If you need more help, see Chivalry 2 tips and tricks.

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