You don’t have to take an enemy attack and rely on your damage resistance for protection. In fact, there are ways to actually interrupt enemy skills and attacks. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to interrupt enemy attacks and skills in Outriders.


Outriders: How to Interrupt Enemy Attacks and Skills

There are different types of enemies in Outriders so the method of interrupting attacks and skills is slightly different as well.

Attack Interruption

Most of the basic enemies you come across in Outriders use short-range melee attacks or stay at a distance to hide behind covers. The best to interrupt basic enemies in the game is continues fire to the chest or head to cause stagger effects. You can also use Immobilize skills such as Feed the Flames or Technomancer’s melee skill.

Meanwhile, to interrupt Elite and boss-type enemies in Outriders use Interrupt-type skills such as Overheat.

Skill Interruption

Skills from basic enemies are telegraphed via a charging bar on their heads. Use an Interrupt type skill such as Overheat or Feed the Flames to block their skill attacks. In case the skill is already activated, you can still interrupt it as long as it didn’t land on you yet. Often times enemies will use shields to protect themselves from incoming damage. These shields have a timer so you can wait for the shield to go down. However, you can use Feed the Flames to speed up the shield timer.

And that’s everything you need to on how to interrupt attack and skills. Need more help? See Technomancer builds, side quests, Pyromancer builds, farm class points, how to dismantle.