Fallout 4 has had its mods arrive on consoles for every player on the console to enjoy and take pleasure in all the mods available to them. If you are unfamiliar with load orders and account linking, adding mods in Fallout 4 will be a hard nut to crack for you. This is a guide on how to install and embed mods for Fallout 4 in consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One).


How to Install Mods on Fallout 4 on Consoles

You can access the mods section by clicking on the “MODS” button in the main menu. The process of installing mods on consoles is identical, but installing mods on consoles can sometimes not turn what you would expect, or they might as well end up crashing your system.

Therefore, when in the Mods tab, you will see all the mods available on your platform, the ones you own and the ones you can download and install to play on. You can, in this section, explore a massive number of mods. These are the steps you would need to follow to install mods on your consoles (PlayStation 4, Xbox One):

  • First off, launch Fallout 4 on your console. You need to make sure you are connected to the internet to download the mods.
  • Login into your Bethesda account, or if you don’t have an account, you can always create one.
  • Now, head over into the Mods tab from the main menu, and all the mods available on your machine will be displayed here.
  • You can also filter between mods to find the specific ones. You will find a drop-down menu in the top right corner in the mods section.
  • You can download mods from here. There is a cap on the storage to download mods. You can download a maximum of 2 Gb of mods on the console.
  • You can alter or change the load order of mods and load multiple mods in a specific order. You can always deactivate any active or running mods. This allows players to utilize that 2 Gb of space by managing all the mods.
  • To save a mod from this menu, you will have to click on “Add to Library” and save the mod, which will add it to your linked Bethesda account.
  • Remember, you can activate multiple mods at a time and play the game.
  • If you change the load order of mods and add new ones or activate another mod, a new save file will be created. This new save file is generated to prevent your previous save files from getting corrupted. Otherwise, when you load another file, it might crash your console or damage it.

All in all, mods are created mainly by the community and are not thoroughly tested and checked. This means that one mod may conflict with another one, not allowing the game to run.

This was everything you needed to know about how to add mods on PS4 and Xbox One. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Fallout 4 wiki guides.

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