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How To Increase Carrying Capacity In Palworld To 1000+


In Palworld, every player character has a set of stats, and one of the most crucial among these is the ‘Weight’ stat. Unlike other RPGs where weight might refer to the heft of items or equipment, in Palworld, the Weight stat directly influences your carrying capacity. Each point allocated to this stat significantly reduces the chances of becoming over-encumbered if you are carrying a lot of resources such as Wood, Wool, Fiber, Carbon Fiber, Pal Spheres, and more.

As you level up, you’ll be presented with opportunities to enhance various stats such as Health, Stamina, Attack, Defense, and Work Force. However, savvy players often prioritize their Weight stat. The reason is simple: the more you can carry, the longer you can explore, collect resources, and enjoy uninterrupted adventures.

The mechanics are straightforward – for every stat point you invest in Weight, your carrying capacity increases by a substantial 50 units. Prioritizing this stat can make a noticeable difference in Palworld, allowing you to carry more items and resources, which in turn can aid in your survival.

Invest In Weight Stat To Carry More Items

To increase carrying capacity in Palworld, you need to allocate stat points to your Weight stat.

Open your inventory and look to the bottom right corner of the screen. Here, you’ll find your stat points and their current allocation. Whenever you level up, you earn stat points. Distribute these points not just to Health, Stamina, Attack, Defense, and Work Force, but focus especially on the Weight stat. Remember, each point in Weight increases your carrying capacity by 50 units.

It might be tempting to distribute points evenly across all stats, but focusing on Weight can be hugely beneficial. For example, by level 7, it’s possible to have a Weight stat of 400, significantly boosting your carrying capacity early in the game.

Increasing your Weight capacity not only helps in the short term but also sets a solid foundation for you in Palworld. A higher capacity means fewer trips back to base to unload items, more resources on hand for crafting and trading, and overall a smoother gameplay experience.

Install Weight Mod To Increase Carrying Capacity

You can significantly increase your carrying capacity in Palworld by installing “carry weight increase mod.”

  • This mod increases the starting carry weight from 300 to 1000 and boosts the gain per point to 250.

Installation Steps

  1. Download the Mod:
  2. Extract the Mod:
    • Extract the downloaded zip file to the following directory in your Palworld installation:
      • Palworld/Pal/Binaries/Win64/Mods.
  3. Modify the mods.txt File:
    • Navigate to Palworld/Pal/Binaries/Win64/Mods.
    • Open the mods.txt file and add the following line: vuxWeightIncrease : 1.
    • Save the changes to the mods.txt file.


  • This mod requires UE4SS xinput and has been tested only on the Steam version of Palworld.

UE4SS xinput Installation Steps

  1. Download UE4SS_Xinput:
    • Download
  2. Extract UE4SS_Xinput:
    • Extract the contents to Palworld\Pal\Binaries\Win64.
  3. Optional Cleanup:
    • Delete everything from the mods folder except for the mods.txt file. This step is optional.
    • If you choose to delete the mods, then open mods.txt and remove all its contents.


  • Crash Issues:
    • If you experience crashes, especially with the Game Pass version of Palworld, try these solutions:
      1. In the UE4SS-settings.ini file, set bUseUObjectArrayCache to false.
      2. If the game still doesn’t start, try renaming xinput1_3 to xinput1_4.
  • Note on Dedicated Servers:
    • Currently, this mod does not work on dedicated servers. There is a GitHub repository for injecting UE4SS mods into a dedicated server, but it may get flagged by antivirus software.

Key Points To Remember

  1. Catch a Cattiva: In the early stages of the game, catching a Cattiva can be a game-changer. This neutral early-game Pal has a special ability to increase your inventory space as long as they are in your party. It’s like having an extra backpack, allowing you to carry more items as you explore.
  2. Craft Wooden Chests: Utilize the resources around you to craft wooden chests. With 15 pieces of Wood and 5 Stones, you can create a chest at a Primitive Workbench. Each chest adds an extra ten storage slots in your home base, allowing you to store surplus items safely and organize your inventory more efficiently.
  3. Manage Food Items Wisely: Palworld’s freshness system for food means that hoarding food items isn’t always the best strategy. Consume food items before they expire to avoid unnecessary weight and ensure you’re utilizing resources effectively.
  4. Sell Spare Items and Pals for Gold: Keeping your inventory lean is key. Regularly selling items and Pals that you don’t need frees up space and also earns you gold, which is valuable for purchasing essential items or other Pals.
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